Press Releases

Firefreeze Worldwide Donates Percentage of Proceeds to NJ State Firemen’s Association

Rockaway, N.J. October 5th, 2021

Firefreeze Worldwide, Inc., an NJ-based manufacturer of fire suppression and fire safety products, recently announced plans to donate a portion of its September proceeds to benefit the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association to support local firefighters and their families.

Firefreeze Worldwide, Inc. is the Proud 2020 Sponsor of Sprint Car Racer,
Scotty “Hot Shot” Johnson

Rockaway, N.J. July 15, 2020

Firefreeze Worldwide, Inc. announces it is the proud 2020 sponsor of Scotty “Hot Shot” Johnson, sprint car and outlaw kart racer.  Scotty races with JF2 Racing Engines located in Dallas, Iowa.  He is a determined, highly driven, and enthusiastic sprint car driver who has overcome many challenges over the last year. In October 2019, he suffered severe burns to 1/3 of his body due to a fuel accident.  Scotty continues to fight and overcome many skin grafting surgeries. Although he has many surgeries in his future, he has announced that he will make his 2020 debut in his outlaw kart on July 17th and in his sprint car on July 25th. “We are amazed and inspired by Scotty’s determination, resiliency, and positivity,” stated CEO Eveline Giessler.

Cold Fire® delivers environmentally safe, non-toxic, effective fire suppression that is PFAS free.

Rockaway, NJ. May 7, 2020

Firefreeze Worldwide, Inc. (FFW) announces that its Cold Fire fire fighting
wetting agent is certified PFAS free. While it has always been manufactured without PFAS chemicals,
FFW recently had Cold Fire tested by an accredited Department of Defense laboratory, in accordance
with EPA 537 and 537.1, to further assure customers that Cold Fire is free of PFOA and PFOS and is
non-toxic and safe for the environment. Firefighters and fire safety customers alike can now feel even
more confident when using Cold Fire for their fire safety needs.